GolfMark Accreditation 2017 & Recruitment Action Plan

Ten women, over 60% of those who started the programme, took out the taster membership and some have already moved to Fairway Membership.

The Future
The ‘Task and Finish’ was disbanded after successfully meeting its objective. The Ladies’ Section is planning to set up a new group to target local women’s sports groups – such as hockey, football and cricket – to encourage more women to play golf at Churston.

Churston has successfully achieved re-accreditation of both the GolfMark Award and Sport England’s ClubMark. The process has been driven since the first award in 2010 by the hard work and commitment of former junior organiser Steph Francis. To achieve the latest accreditation Steph worked closely with the Club Manager and representatives of other sections of the club to ensure that all the criteria were met.

The Recruitment Action Plan is just one of the tools offered as part of the GolfMark process and the club’s Board plan to build on the success by working closely with Andy Jack, England Golf Club Support Officer for Devon.


Kim: “I found the course to be inspirational! From the outset, we were guided and supported in order to really be able to get a true experience of the sport.
“Churston provided not only excellent tuition but also an opportunity to meet other women players and enjoy the camaraderie of the club. The structure of the course enabled us to build skills and the willingness of members of the Ladies’ Section to mentor us gave us confidence and an insight into the pure enjoyment of golf. I know that will continue to play golf and this is solely due to the success of the programme.”

Vicki: “It wasn’t something I ever considered before this introduction but now I’ve started I wish I’d done it earlier, I love it! What I really like is that you compete against yourself, wanting to improve week on week. I’ve even made some new friends and we now play together regularly. I can think of nothing better than after work, on a lovely evening, playing a few holes with friends.”

GolfMark is a national accreditation designed to support all golf clubs, however big or small, to achieve a distinct operating standard in four areas of their business activity:Recruitment & Retention – Management & Sustainability – Coaching & Competitions – Safeguarding.

By gaining GolfMark accreditation our club will also be recognised by Sport England, as you also receive the ClubMark award.

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