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Events New For 2018

Friday 16th February – Valentines Ball – Churston Golf Club – 7pm Start

Saturday 10th March – Club Dinner & Dance – Livermead Cliff Hotel – 7pm Start

Saturday 17th March – St Patricks Day @ Churston – England v Ireland Golf match (9am – 10am)  – Drinks promotions and food organised for the England V Ireland @ 2.45pm. Irish Music to played all day and national team fancy dress optional.

Friday 4th May – Uk Blondie Tribute Act & Disco – Churston Golf Club – 7pm Start

Greenkeeper Report – Jan 2018

Firstly, from all of your greens staff we would like to wish you a very Happy New year and look forward to seeing you on the course very soon.

Well where do we start on the weather!!! Christmas was a complete and utter wash out leaving the course saturated. From Christmas Day up to New Years Day, we have had 4 inches of rain, unfortunately there is also more forecasted.
Just a short report this month as not much change since the last one due the Christmas break.

Despite the course being incredibly wet, the greens are the driest they have been for some years. I think you will all agree the drainage work on the wet greens has been a massive success as we have not been forced to use a temporary green since the works were carried out. The bumps produced by said works are gradually flattening out and should return to normal in the not too distant future. Due to the mild, wet weather the greens are still growing and are quite long at the moment. When we get a bit of dry weather and are able to get the hand machines out, we will cut the greens once a week. The holes are still being changed twice a week as normal. We have noticed that a lot of the holes are sustaining damage by golfers using the back of their putter to pick the ball out of the hole. We kindly ask players to refrain from doing this and ask that you politely inform your playing partners from doing so. If you need assistance with picking the ball out of the hole, the pro shop will provide you with a ball remover to go on the end of your putter.
New Sprayer
Our new sprayer arrived just before Christmas and I am extremely pleased with its performance. This is a vital piece of equipment and ensures the greens keepers stay safe whilst spraying the greens and other areas on the course.
Winter Course
The winter course is up and running and we would like to remind you to check the card as a few stroke indexes have been altered. All general play must be played off the winter course (white tees) whilst the blue tees are only to be used for club knockouts (Manning Trophy etc)
Winter Programme
After doing a review of the winter programme, we have completed approximately 40% of it and are on course to fully complete it by the end of March, weather permitting of course.
Extremely poor weather conditions over the last couple weeks have resulted in a few trolley bans. However, we are trying to keep trolleys on as much as possible to allow play for the players that genuinely can’t carry a bag. If you can physically carry a bag we strongly recommend you do as it will help the course dramatically and quicken the recovery period as we enter the spring growing season.
Finally, as always we would like to remind you to repair your pitchmarks and replace divots

Thank you for your co operation

Kelvin & The Team