Greenkeeper Report – Feb 2018

Dear Member,

Since our last report a couple of months ago I’m sure you’ll agree we have suffered from some very wet, lousy weather conditions. These weather conditions unfortunately have had a detrimental effect on the maintenance practices that we have been able to carry out.
Firstly, I would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding regarding the course closures and the inevitable trolley/buggy bans that normally follow such closures. Closing the course is always our last resort and only ever happens after a course tour and consultation between the Head Green keeper, Director of Golf or Greens Chairman. Unfortunately the inordinate amount of rainfall has on many occasions left the course unsafe for play. We are however very fortunate that we have a free draining course and often a simple change of wind direction and a little bit of sun ensures that we can get the course open within a couple of days. Hopefully the awful weather will soon depart as we approach the start of spring.

Despite the wettest January and February for some years, the greens are very healthy for the time of year. Monday 26th February sees us continue our aeration and drainage programme which will of course require us to spike the greens. Once spiked, 15 tonnes of top dress will be applied, brushed in and then rolled.

The summer tees are recovering well from their winter rest. As the weather improves, the cutting regime of these tees will intensify. Polite reminder: the blue tees are only to be used for club matches.

Winter Programme
The bunker on 6th has now been filled and turfed over. The same process will shortly be repeated to the bunker on the 16th. The proposed removal of the fairway bunker on 11th has for now been put on hold. Despite the appalling weather conditions we have now completed approximately 80% of the winter programme. The outstanding projects will be completed within the next month.

All bunkers are currently being edged, weeded and topped up with sand in an effort to produce consistent bunker conditions.

Gravel has been ordered and pathways will be made tidy in the not too distant future.

I think that is all for now. As always, please repair all divots and pitchmarks.

Happy golfing and Kind Regards

Your Greens Keeping Staff

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