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NYE – The Plan Of Action – The Night In Full

A Quick View of the Evening
7.30pm start – Prosecco & H’orderves
Buffet from 8pm – 9pm
Disco Lights & Dancing Playlist – 9pm – 9.45pm
THE BAND – OLLIE & MITCH – FIRST SET 9.45pm – 10.30pm
Disco Lights & Dancing Playlist 10.30pm – 11.15pm
Disco Lights & Dancing Playlist to the end of play.

Friday 22nd December – Big Churston Giveaway

What another great giveaway night we have in store for you. Some lucky member will scoop £300 and it has to be won on the evening. The numbers will keep rolling until the prize is won. We will have other great prizes free to win on the evening and our Chef Dean is cooking up some burgers and hotdogs at a great price of £2.50. They can be bought on the evening.

There will be some wine and prosecco promotions on the evening as well. Just ask behind the bar.

The 100 Club Draw will also take place on this evening and what a special line up of prizes we have in store for this also. Let’s make this one last blast for 2017. We would like to thank everyone for all the support you have shown on these evenings. We have some great events already planned for 2018.

Greenkeeper Report Dec 2017

Greenkeeper’s Monthly Report

Dear member,

December is upon us and it is officially winter. This past month’s weather has been kind to us and the course is looking and playing fantastically for the time of year. The report below details some of the projects undertaken by the Greens Team in what was a very productive November.

With cooling temperatures and slowing growth, we are now cutting the greens once or twice a week at a height of 4mm. The Greens are also ironed once a week to keep the surfaces rolling smoothly.
Last month I notified you about the disease we had on the greens, well this has mostly grown out however on some of the greens it did return as the temperatures got a bit warmer in the middle of the month. This isn’t a problem as it is dead and with time will grow out.
You will have noticed that on the 20th November contractors installed a new drainage system into our ‘wet’ greens (12,13,14,18). Favourable weather ensured all work was completed by the Wednesday afternoon just in time for a massive downpour to test out our new drainage. On Thursday morning I was intrigued to whether the new drainage system had worked. I walked onto the 12th green and it was as dry as a bone with water running freely out of the pipe. After so much rain, there was no puddle on the green and the drainage was working perfectly. The contractor’s equipment left little damage to the putting surfaces and the slits should grow out in a couple weeks or so. We have received many positive comments from members genuinely excited with the improvements to the drainage. The 12th and 13th greens look slightly rippled due to the installation process but worry not, over time these will flatten out. Shortly we will use a piece of equipment called a verti drain to help flatten down the lumps and ensure that the surfaces return to their former levels.
I am very pleased with the work that was carried out and certain it will solve the flooding problems on these 4 greens.
The air2g2 was hired to help relieve compaction and improve the drainage in the greens. This machine drills holes into the greens and injects them with air to help break up compacted soil.
Winter Programme
The winter programme has been drawn up and is available on the website. We have begun the programme and hope that kind weather will allow us to complete all works by the end of March.
Winter Tees
It is now only a couple of weeks before we move onto the winter course. The new winter cards are in so when we do move onto the course please note that some of the stroke indexes and yardage’s have altered. Winter grass tees will be cut to a height of 30mm. The seed under the rubber matting on the 3rd winter tee has grown exceptionally well and looks very neat and tidy. In the next couple of weeks we will begin the same procedure on the 8th winter tee. When we move on to the winter course we would like to inform members that the blue tees may only be used for The Manning Trophy knockout competition and not general play. Thank you for your co-operation.
When we move onto the winter course, in general play, the 10th will be played as a par 3 from the beginning of the fairway.
15th bunker
You may have observed that work has started on the reshaping of the short left fairway bunker. This is being carried out in line with a golf course architect and will improve the aesthetics of the hole whilst providing a far better surface from which to hit.
6th Bunker
The pot bunker on the 6th has been filled with soil which was removed from the trenches on 12,13,14. This will be levelled and turfed asap.
Tree overhanging 11th Tee
There were a few reports of a number of large branches overhanging the 11th teeing ground. These have been removed and cleared away.
Clearing of scrub in front of clubhouse
At the start of the month, we began clearing the scrub next to the entrance to the clubhouse. Healthy trees were left untouched. Now finished the wow factor has been returned to the front of the clubhouse and projects a great image to the passing traffic. Many thanks to Richard and my staff for the completion of this.
Sponsor Signs
Two of our brand new sponsorship signs have arrived and will sited shortly.

Finally please remember to always repair your pitch marks, replace divots and rake bunkers after use.

Thank you very much.

That’s all for now folks, from all of your Green Staff here at Churston we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a brilliant new year.

Kelvin Millar
Head Greenkeeper

Blondie Tribute Act – Churston GC – Fri May 4th 2018

Friday May 4th will see Churston GC bring the UK’s leading Blondie Tribute Act to the bay. This night will launch the beginning of more of these great nights at Churston GC.

This will be fabulous night for Blondie lovers and also lovers of the Ska & Mod music.

This great act performs many tracks from this era including Madness and many others.

Tickets are now available behind the Bar for £6.00. This event is open to members and visitors.

There will be American style food available on the evening to purchase.

Rolling Draw Has Been Won. Nov 2017

Well the Rolling Draw has been another huge success. Massive congratulations to Iris Butler who scooped the amazing £400 giveaway last night. Iris very kindly donated £50 to The Lady Captain’s Charity, The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. What a lovely giving gesture Iris. On the evening two St Austells four balls were won by John Houghton and Heather Jeffreys. There was another special draw won by Phil Tomas and Lee James, they both won a St Austells four ball. This draw raised £100 for the Junior’s Christmas Tankard. Thank you all so much for your kindness, I know the Junior Section will be delighted with the support. A massive thank you goes out to Grant Clements your Vice Captain. Grant has worked hard to ensure these nights worked well for the members and the club. Well done Grant you are doing an amazing job. These nights would also not be successful without the hard work and dedication of all our staff. So a big shout of thanks goes to Jimmy, Dean, Jo and Ellie. The curry was amazing last night and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. One last thank you goes to all our members who have supported these nights, without you they do not work, so thank you very much. Stay tuned for more exciting Rolling Draw News.

The Board Vote For Lee Tyrrell

Last night the Board unanimously voted for Grant’s choice of Vice-Captain. Lee has been a member for many years and is dedicated to the continuing growth and success of Churston GC. Lee is an avid golfer, a successful business man and entrepreneur. Lee is humbled at the Boards decision and he is an excellent candidate for the prestigious role of VC and Captain at Churston Golf Club. Lee will be declared as the VC in waiting after the members vote in the up and coming AGM.

Course Management – Winter Programme 2017/2018

Winter Programme 2017/18
Autumn has arrived and it is nearly time for the winter programme to commence. The successful aeration done in August means that only limited work to the greens will be carried out this winter. The head greenkeeper will continue to needle & use air injection to the greens when drier ground allows, to keep the greens as dry as possible. The winter work schedule is set out in broad terms below. You will notice that the emphasis this year will be to look at the course hole by hole and fo-cus on its detailed maintenance and presentation. However, some tasks on the programme may rely on finances & will be weather permitting
Weather permitting, verti-cutting will continue until mid-late November. Whilst still mild, greens will be cut by ride-on machine at 4mm, 4-5 times a week. When growth slows down, greens will be hand-cut twice a week. Greens will be sprayed for leather jackets. Greens will be pencil-tined at least once and the Air2G2 will be used once also.
All the tees to be solid tined, followed by over seeding and a light top dressing. Any winter growth will be topped at a height of 20mm. If possible, uneven tees will be levelled out.
In early November, all the rough will be cut to 25mm to ensure good playability during the winter months and for the grass not to maintain moisture. In late December/early January, all long rough will be cut to ensure even growth next spring.
All the bunkers will be deep raked, edged and weeded. Any ones low on sand, will be topped up with new sand. As you will see later in the programme, a number of unnecessary bunkers will be filled in and seeded/turfed.
Fairways will continue to be cut at a height of 18mm until a stop in growth. Fairways will be sprayed for weeds just in time for spring. Fairways to be cut as detailed on the Course Architects Drawing and as per Chairman of Greens instructions.

Start February/March time
A programme of maintenance will be carried out on the above, to ensure health and safety policies are met. These will be edged, weeded and topped with new gravel. Any pot holes will be filled in.

Woodland & Coastal Path
During the winter it is intended to continue the programme of clearing scrub areas around the course. This allows light and air flow to these areas which in turn encourages the natural flora to return and flourish. The fence on the coastal path will be checked and repaired to reduce the risk of people getting onto the course and cause vandalism.
Complete action of spraying Herbicide at the base of all trees in close proximity of the fairway. Complete by December.
Tee Furniture & Course Signage
All hole information stones to be removed and disposed of. New tee signage will be applied in the New Year. Tee furniture will be refurbished, cleaned and painted.
Irrigation System
The irrigation system has been drained and turned off for winter months.

Hole By Hole Programme
Hole 1
· Remove scrubs by 1st Tee Done
· Fill in front right bunker and seed Done
· Fill in front left bunker and seed Done
· Renovate posts around 1st Tee (Replace Broken Chain) March 2018
Hole 2
· Replace fence between 2nd Tee & the road March 2018
· Place directional Sign to second Tee (once across the road)
· Clear back hedge overhanging pathway up to 2nd fairway December 2017
· Clear hedge/bank along right hand side of hole November 2017
· Remove dropped hanging branches from Fir Trees on the left mid-way up the fairway Done
· Remove rough from base of trees to left of the green.
Hole 3
· Renovate winter teeing area (rubber matting) November 2017
· Clear hedge along 3rd tee Done
· Replace rubber matting behind green December 2017
· Clear bank behind green and right hand entrance to 4th Tee (improve condition of the path too uneven, remove large stone located at immediate exist from the 3rd) Novem-ber/December 2017

Hole 4
· Reinstate pathway beside tees. (Add sleepers beside mens tee) March 2018
· Clear rough in front of Tees December 2017
· Clear hedge/bank along right hand side of hole. From Tee-Green December 2017
· Repair and return left hand bunker March 2018
· Add hand rail to the Ladies Tee Nov 2017

Hole 5
· Clear scrub overhanging pathway to left of tee December 2017
· Edge and tidy pathway December 2017
· Clear along wall (Remove any overhanging branches) January 2018
· Clear scrub left hand side of 5th green November 2017
Hole 6
· Clear scrub right of ladies tee and along wall February 2018
· Clear scrub along wall of tee in the field February 2018
· Fill in 1st bunker on right hand side and seed November 2017
· Clear long grass to right hand side of 6th green and leave short November 2017
· Remove long rough around the two small trees copses in-between large firs on the left. November 2017
Hole 7
· Repair pathway adjacent to tee March 2018
· Reshape fairway to right hand side March 2018
· Add new sand to both greenside bunkers January 2018
Hole 8
· Renovate winter teeing area (Rubber matting) November 2017
· Renovate summer tees (Aerate, sand, seed) and keep golfers off March 2018
· Clear scrub in front of ladies tee January 2018
· Clear scrub behind green and to right of green February 2018
· Raise floor level of back left hand Bunker December 2017
Hole 9
· Reduce height of gorse in front of tees January 2018
· Remove 2 yew trees in front right of ladies tee January 2018
· Clear wall and remove any overhanging branches December 2017
· Clear and tidy around bin/shelter December 2017
· Remove long rough up left of fairway Done
· Add soil to base of trees right and short of Green. Reshape path to 10th Tee. End Novem-ber/Early December
Hole 10
· Clear scrub next to tee December 2017
· Clear wall and remove any overhanging branches December 2017
· Clear scrub behind green and to right of green December 2017
· Clear scrub left hand side of fairway February 2018
Hole 11
· Clear scrub right hand side of tee January 2018
· Continue to clear scrub right hand side of hole Tee-Green March 2018
· Fill in left hand fairway bunker and seed February 2018

Hole 12
· Clear scrub left of green November 2017
· Green Drainage November 2017
Hole 13
· Clear scrub right hand side of hole and remove overhanging branches January 2018
· Lower face of right hand fairway bunker and reshape January 2018
· Clear scrub behind green and left hand side of green November 2017
· Remove old ball wash pole Done
· Clear Scrub around large tree on left hand to improve access to left temporary green End November
· Reduce length of rough to area left of left side fairway bunker. November
· Green Drainage November 2017
· Renovate path leading to 14th Tee March 2018
Hole 14
· Renovate pathway January 2018
· Clear long rough in front of ladies tee (all Tees) and leave short March 2018
· Clear along wall and remove any overhanging branches December 2017
· Move fairway further right March 2018
· Green Drainage November 2017

Hole 15
· Clear bank public footpath November 2017
· Reshape 1st fairway bunker (lower face) and fill with new sand January 2018
· Trim up fir trees left hand side March 2018
· Reshape greenside bunker (lower face) January 2018
Hole 16
· Fill in 1st fairway bunker on left and seed March 2018
· Clear hedge on right hand side of hole Done
· Repair edge of greenside bunkers March 2018
Hole 17
· Remove sapling in front of ladies tee January 2018
· Remove scrub to right of mens tee January 2018
· Repair greenside right bunkers March 2018
Hole 18
· Clear scrub along left hand side of hole. (especially where winter tee is placed) January 2018
· Widen entrance to Tee from the road. (should be able to walk through with umbrella up!) January

Kelvin Millar
Head Greenkeeper

Big Rolling Draw Success

Well the £300 Rolling Draw night proved a massive success. With over 70+ members enjoying a drink and some amazing Pie & Mash.

Well done to Grant, Jimmy, Dean and all the staff for getting a great night organised.

Roger Williams was not there so the draw rolls on to next Wednesday 29th. Look out for the email, rumour has it that it will be a special curry night. One of Dean’s favourites. There will be 50 food tickets available so be quick they will sell out fast.

The St Austell 4 balls were won by Karen Wills and Richard Treharne, so well done to them. There will two up for grabs next Wednesday night as well as some other great prizes.

Next Wednesday £400 will be up for grabs.

Keep an eye out for the next email this weekend.

New Coaching Division At Churston Golf Club

With Simon Loosemore now managing the retail shop full time, this has now released me to specialise in Coaching here at Churston Golf Club. This development fills me with great excitement and enthusiasm as its my passion and what I’m trained to do best and having over 25 years experience coaching from beginners right up to many other PGA professionals, puts me in a great position to help members at Churston Golf Club. Matt Curnoe my assistant Pro also has a passion for coaching and has made a great start here at Churston especially with the junior section, he is now in his third year of training at the PGA which under my tutorage is progressing well.

We have many ideas and offers for members at Churston Golf Club which will be launched in the future.
The first offer for the months of November though to February we are offering a fantastic winter coaching package which includes

Free Coaching Assessment
Free Equipment Check
6 * ½ hour Coaching Sessions
10% discount voucher to spend in the shop.
Cost of the winter package is only £125.

Any member of Churston Golf Club can take up this offer. The winter package can include any aspect of your game using the excellent facilities we have on site, such as the golf course, the coaching centre which includes the fantastic Flightscope system, practice ground, putting green/chipping green or practice bunker. This offer is also open to members who would like to bring a friend along, if so, why not stop before or after the session for a coffee or lunch at Churston GC.