Club Messenger

Churston Golf Club is using Club Messenger to keep everyone fully informed and up to date with club news and events. This is an after care service of the highest quality for our members.  

  • It’s FREE so join now and once your account is approved please tell a friend about this great service.
  • Our Daily Report will be sent to you at 6:30 a.m on the days you select.
  • You can select which elements of the Daily Report you would like to receive and on which days. If you change your mind just return and update your alerts.

Personal Reminders

Memory like a sieve?
You can set personal reminders that will be sent to your email address on the days you choose.

Weather Forecast

The current weather conditions at the course, honest!
This is updated every thirty minutes, so if you are ever in doubt check this page. You will also find the latest seven-day forecast for the course updated four times a day.